We are pleased to announce that the LSRS is awarding a research grant up to $20,000 to fund innovative projects.

*LETTERS OF INTENT for the LSRS $20,000 Research Grant ARE DUE: OCTOBER 1, 2019*

for 2020 Grant Award

Award Date: 2020 Annual Meeting, April 2, 2020

The Lumbar Spine Research Society’s mission is to foster education and research in the field of diseases and treatment of the lumbar spine.  These awards are available to qualified principal investigators in the field of spine.  Grant letters of intent and subsequent grant applications will be reviewed by the LSRS Research committee and awarded based on merit. 


·      If PI is not a member of the LSRS, a co-investigator must be an LSRS member

·      Co-investigators may include medical student, resident or fellow.

·      A prior co-investigator who has been awarded a LSRS research grant will not be eligible for three years.

·      Funding is for future research and not research already performed.

·      Grants are to be awarded for only one year. Multi-year grants will not be accepted.

·      The projects must be completed within 18 months.

·      Cost sharing is acceptable but detailed budgets must be submitted.


The investigator is required to submit a letter of intent. The letter of intent instructions are available below. The committee will select three applicants based on critical review of the letter of intent and ask for formal grant applications.  


All grants and correspondence should be submitted to the LSRS at LSRS@LSRS.ORG


1.     All grant recipients are required to submit annual financial, research, and final report to the LSRS.

2.     The applicant is required to submit an abstract of their research to the LSRS annual meeting.

3.     Any publication of the research should include acknowledgement of funding from LSRS.

4.     The LSRS does not allow indirect costs to be included in the budget.

5.     The principal investigator and LSRS members cannot receive salaries from the grant award.

6.     The award cannot be used for travel expenses.

7.     If the research project is not completed, the residual funds must be returned to the LSRS.

8.     All investigators and co-investigators must submit conflict of interest disclosures.

9.     Research awards cannot be used for industry development or personal business financial gain.

DEADLINES for 2019/2020 Grant Cycle

Submission deadline for LOI                                                             October 1, 2019

Submission deadline for full grant proposal*                                    December 2, 2019

Announcement of Award                                                                   April 3, 2020 (Annual Meeting)

*from the LOI's submitted for review, 3 will be selected to submit a full grant application, award winners will then be selected out of those three