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We are dedicated to the free exchange of scientific information regarding the lumbar spine. The society emphasizes open and transparent discussion of academic research, free from bias.


The Society’s purpose is to advance our knowledge and understanding of the physiology, pathologic processes, and treatment of lumbar disease through the promotion and discussion of research, with the goal of improving patient care.


Annual Meeting and Instructional Course

Our Annual Meeting runs for a day and a half and our program chairmen have put together an excellent selection of scientific papers, poster exhibits, and symposia that will incorporate the most relevant topics in lumber spine surgery today. Expect lively discourse on each of the topics presented.

Our 2020 13th Annual Meeting will take place April 2-3, 2020 in Chicago, IL.

The Instructional Course Lectures precedes the annual meeting and will take place on Wednesday, April 1, from 3-7pm in the same venue. The ICL course chairmen have invited the foremost experts in the field of spine surgery to present on best practices. They will speak on the latest and greatest in ideas and evidence.

The History of the Lumbar Spine Research Society

In the fall of 2007, a number of spine surgeons met to discuss what was missing in their academic lives.  At that time, many of us felt that we were lacking an annual meeting that had focus, was dedicated to the surgical treatment of the lumbar spine, and that was concise and free of commercial bias.  In the spring of 2008, I organized a small meeting of approximately 30 interested individuals to discuss the possibility of beginning a new society. That meeting, held in Chicago, included short scientific presentations, open floor discussion, and a great deal of time spent discussing the needs and formation of a new society.  The overriding tone of the discussion was that the profession of spinal surgery was in need of a change of direction towards a more scientific and academic approach.   

At that initial meeting, several conclusions were reached.  The name Lumbar Spine Research Society was chosen to emphasize the dedication to the lumbar spine and the scientific research regarding this topic. It was also chosen specifically to mimic the Cervical Spine Research Society not only in name but in attitude. We felt that this society should have no corporate funding or influence, no corporate presence or displays at its annual meetings, should be focused on the surgical treatment of the lumbar spine, and should be a short meeting filled with scientific presentations and open floor discussions.  We felt that the membership should consist of a small dedicated group of researchers, neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons with a scientific and academic view of the profession.  

At that meeting, discussions were held that led to the drafting of bylaws, governance structure, membership requirements, and future priorities.  Drs. Brad Currier, Vince Traynelis, and I were the original Board Directors.

 Each of the first several meetings has been held in Chicago.  Attendance and membership have grown steadily since that initial organizational meeting.  It is certainly my hope that this society will continue to grow to be a driving force in ensuring that the profession that takes the lead in directing where lumbar spinal surgery goes in the future.  The primary purpose of this organization is to provide a venue for the free and open exchange of scientific information regarding the treatment of lumbar spinal conditions. Current members are encouraged to seek out other individuals with appropriate interests to further our membership and ensure our society’s future. 

- Thomas A. Zdeblick, MD, LSRS Founder